Changshu  Purmil  Textile Co., Ltd.
Changshu  Yu Yue Textile Trade Co., Ltd.

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The company is located in the industrial park of Changshu City Branch Town, east of Shanghai, south of Suzhou, west of Wuxi, North and Nantong across the river, and water and land transportation is very convenient. Our company is a professional factory producing fancy yarn. For a long time, it relies on advanced technical means for research and development. The product has been constantly updated and well received by the users. The company is equipped with computer controlled flower twister equipment and supporting equipment. More than 500 tons of fancy yarns are produced in every year. The products are mainly sold in Zhejiang, Shanghai, Shandong, Beijing and other places, and exported to Hongkong, Japan, Western Europe and other countries and regions. At present, fancy yarn is widely used in textile products, especially in pairs. Foreign trade is very popular with foreign businessmen. With the deepening of opening to the outside world and the constant adjustment of industrial structure, market competition is becoming more and more intense. In order to be able to better communicate and cooperate with more customers, we will be further on the basis of mutual promotion, complementary advantages, mutual benefit and mutual benefit. To provide good products and good service, we sincerely hope that we can establish a good business partnership between us. We will serve you wholeheartedly.
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corporate culture
Enterprise spirit:Diligence, honesty and honesty
Development strategyDo fine, be strong, be big
Service tenetBe responsible for the customer and make                           the customer satisfied
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