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The price of cotton spinning is hot. Is yarn turning cost?

Issuing time:2018-06-29 17:59

From the beginning of the cotton market in the first warm rise, to the later sticky, polyester short gradually rising, the market recently exploded a pot, the upstream is not happy, the downstream is difficult to follow up, the cotton textile market has not been so busy for a long time. Since 2010, the number of three cotton spinning raw materials has risen to a number of few, the latest is the beginning of 2013, it is no wonder that the recent market excitement and speculation is rising. Moreover, the rise of cotton spinning raw materials is accompanied by the rise in the price of the yarn in the lower reaches of the lower reaches, and some of the yarn increases more than the raw material, and some of the rising trend is becoming more and more intense. Of course, there are differences in the logic of price increase among different varieties. The specific view is:

Cotton: spot emergency, futures speculation, long silence, the most startling explosion.

At the beginning of April, the shortage of raw materials of textile enterprises was the beginning of the cotton market. In late April, the price of futures rose in the next ten days of April. Judging from the recent surge in prices for three months or so, after more than two years of unilateral downturns, cotton has accumulated too much speculation.

Pure cotton yarn: the cost is strong, and the price of the inside and outside is upside down.

Cotton yarn price rises backward cotton one beat, basically presents the cost push mode, especially in June after the increase of cotton prices, pure cotton factory cotton cost gradually rising, plus imported pure cotton yarn prices and domestic yarn reverse lead to part of the demand return, then developed into the pure cotton yarn at a loss in July A weekend offer increased by 500-1000, a week's rise of 2000-3000, and the rise and fall of the news went on and on.

Sticky short: demand growth, stock emergency, supply and demand good stimulation price rise

Last year, the environmental problem brought the sticky price rise and the terminal demand change increased the consumption of viscose yarn. Under demand and raw material stimulation, the downstream related yarn capacity increased. Low or even negative stock. In the traditional off-season in July, the downstream screen mills and traders' speculative demand increased and the load of cotton yarn remained high, and the sticky short again ushered in a good cycle of production and marketing stimulation to stimulate the price increase and the price increase to stimulate the production and marketing, so the price increased along with the advance sale.

Human cotton yarn: cost push, production and marketing coordination, good cycle to drive prices up steadily

The price rise mode of human cotton yarn is basically the same as that of pure cotton yarn. The cost is pushed up and the stock is not high in itself. Although the price rises because the downstream initial connection will be weak and lagging behind the raw material, the downstream passive acceptance is the initiative increase in the case of the cost rising again and again, and the continued driving force is mainly from the sustained production and marketing. Coordination.

Polyester and short: apart from raw materials, downstream helps to provide basic support for fundamentals.

The short and short price increase logic is the most perplexing for the downstream. Relying on a low inventory seems to be difficult to counter the weak shock of crude oil and polyester raw materials. This round of price increases with the previous cost push or terminal demand recovery is different, on the one hand, the downstream screen mills have been sharply raised to stimulate the raw materials, the foreign traders and screen mills have increased the demand for speculation, and the production and marketing will stimulate the price rise again.

Pure polyester yarn: low inventory, partial push, crazy with the wind market.

For the pure polyester yarn, the low inventory since the Spring Festival is the beginning of its development, and this wave is basically driven by Fujian and Jiangxi cotton mills. And with the first wave of the weekend, the Fujian District mill from low stock directly evolved into a basic pre sale. Therefore, the mill has gradually become somewhat indifferent to whether the price has been formed with other areas, and whether the sale is weak has gradually become somewhat indifferent, and the traders with the stock have also been pleased to see it, with the participation of raw materials, cotton and viscose. The atmosphere of price increases has been exaggerated, and the price of yarn has been pushed up again and again. Therefore, from the logic of the initial price rises of various varieties, no matter policy, environmental protection or market stock tension is its common support point, but from the follow up of viscose and polyester short rising power, it seems that the increase of the increase seems to be infected by the atmosphere of the boom of cotton.

If the market is concerned about the rapid rise of staple fiber, will the cost of the yarn be realized?

From the point of sight, in the early days of the staple, the profit of other varieties of yarn declined obviously except the pure polyester yarn. Blended yarn and pure polyester yarn can be profitable, but pure cotton yarn and cotton yarn are still at a loss.

In summary: the recent cotton, polyester, sticky market, market speculation atmosphere has become more and more strong with the price of the market, the heat of the market is temporarily difficult to retreat, but the interaction between the atmosphere and the change of demand is worth attracting market attention. To the sticky short, and cotton, sticky short price is high, also appear spinning enterprises to spin pure polyester yarn and blended yarn situation.

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